What is Blackmail

  • Blackmail is a form of robbery that usually involves the use of threats toa person’s reputation and an effort to extort money or sexual favors
  • Reputations are very important in a society you cannot move on with a destroyed reputation.
  • There is a saying destroy a man’s house, he can rebuild it, but if you destroy a reputation, you can’t rebuild it.
  • Sexual blackmail occurs when a person attempts to profit from the threat to sell sexual secrets, criminal or illicit,
  • accuser often uses the threat to extract hush money or sexual favors from the victim and, in some cases, this launches a cycle of extortion and sexual exploitation

How To Deal With Blackmail?

  • Whatever you do, don’t take the situation into your own hands. Harming others or yourself is never the answer, and never will be. Be aware that the job of punishing and stopping crimes is what police are for. Stay calm and don’t make any rash decisions. You aren’t alone, and you can get out of this.
  • Talk to someone. Tell a friend who you are CERTAIN you can trust, an understanding family member, or a smart and calm teacher.
  • Once you have cleared your head, think about what you’re going to do. The person you talked to might have already suggested some things you should do. Take them into account.
  • Make a plan. Make sure that the plan can’t go wrong. If it does happen to go wrong, it won’t be anything that you will regret.
  • Don’t panic and think, “I don’t have anyone, I’ll never get out of this!” Even if you live hundreds of miles away from family and friends, there are lifelines and counselors who are specially trained to help. If you have nobody, pick up the phone and call a hotline, or schedule an appointment with a counselor. Face to face contact is probably the best. Tell this person everything-starting from who the person is, how it started, and why they are blackmailing you.

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