To all the people offering to help and volunteer. We would like to thank everyone for their support and offers for assistance.
We need you, the only way we can tackle this issue is if we all work together as a community.

As you can already see the police and authorities have not and can not deal with this situation alone.
We as a community need to be proactive and make sure we can help to keep as many children safe as we can.

The best thing you can do is arrange a program at your local Gurdwara on a Sunday in the main Divan or at Sikh Camps?Community Centres or for University Students to organise a seminar at your local university where the SAS team can come and openly discuss the issue of grooming and sexual abuse. It will also be an opportunity to meet everyone who wants to get involved and start to set-up local awareness groups who can make a massive difference to their local communities.

Be aware, be prepared, be enlightened and stay safe!

Bhai Mohan Singh
(Sikh Awareness Society)

To arrange an event in your area please email events@sasorg.co.uk

Please fill in the volunteer database form below and we will keep you updated on when we have an event near you so we can meet.