Mission Statement


A NON FUNDED community organisation, run entirely by volunteers. We are proactive and run outreach program’s in GURDWARA’s , Universities, Schools and Colleges and any other organisation or establishment that would invite us.

We have a 24 hour helpline were we can be contacted (in the STRICTEST CONFIDENCE) with any issues that concern the community, prominently SIKH AWARENESS, and SIKH AWARENESS ISSUES

The Sikh faith advocates our belief that DHEEYA (daughters) PpHENAA (sisters) SAARIYA DHIYA SAANJHIYA all (regardless of faith, cultures or caste are all our daughters and sisters. As a Sikh we are here to protect and serve the communities.

We need everyone to br aware that this issue will not simply go away…we fail to address the true factual evidence reported to GOVERNMENT AND GOVERNMENT BODIES..This information NEEDS to be highlighted at every level with transparency …. to serve and protect all our children.