Are You Concerned a Friend or Family Member May Have Been Groomed?
Are You Concerned About The Safety of Your Child?
Do You Know a Victim Who Needs Support?

Need Support?

About The Sikh Awareness Society (SAS)

The Sikh Awareness Society is a non-profit organisation that aims to protect and educate young people about sexual grooming through awareness and support by holding a wide range of talks, seminars and events across the UK.

General Enquiries: 07780 601 351

Emergency Helpline Numbers
07780 601 351
07961 522 713
07871 543 495

How We Can Support You

Talks and Seminars

In order to spread awareness about key issues, we hold a wide range of talks, seminars and events across the UK in Community/Religious Centres, Schools and Universities.

Mediating and Advice

Helping victims and families access to support, log and report crimes. Help and advice for families whose children have been groomed or abused.

Counselling Service

Individual sessions for victims and families who need help and support. We provide qualified councillors to support victims and families through a confidential and professional service.

24hr Confidential Helplines

Our trained volunteers are available around the clock to provide a non-judgemental and supportive service for those individuals or families who are facing crisis.

Support The Cause

The SAS team are made up of volunteers, but as the cases and number of calls increase we are now finding it very difficult to reach all families. We are grateful to young volunteers who travel back and forth using their own time and money, but it is very difficult for us to continue like this under the increasing demand for support. If you would like to support the ongoing work of the SAS then please consider giving a monthly donation to help us support the community.